Oxygen Plant Solutions

We offer all services in connection with Oxygen gas plant both Cryogenic & PSA Technologies from Consultancy, Supply, Installation & Commissioning to Running, Service and Maintenance.

We are Dealers & Suppliers of Oxygen plant spare parts, Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders and Valves.

PSA Oxygen Plant. Produces gaseous oxygen of 93% - 95% purity for medical use.

Cryogenic Oxygen Plant. Produces liquid oxygen of 99.9% purity for industrial use..

Oxygen is a life saving Gas.

Medical oxygen should be Available, Accessible and Affordable in all Health facilities at all levels no matter the location in Nigeria. W.H.O recognizes Medical oxygen as a drug and it is in the list of essential medicines, therefore Oxygen is a life saving Drug.

Advocacy for Increasing Access to Oxygen in Health Hacilities.

  • OXYGEN is an essential and lifesaving medicine. It has been listed by W.H.O in the essential medicine list (EML).

  • OXYGEN gives life and save lives especially for those most vulnerable. i.e., Newborns, Children and Pregnant women.
  • OXYGEN is one of the most basic treatments a health facility can offer, yet it is often not available to everyone fighting for breath.

  • OXYGEN being an indispensable medicine, health facilities often fail to ensure it is available, accessible and affordable.

  • We need to make this essential medicine (Oxygen) available, accessible and affordable so Anesthesiologists can work as safely and effectively as possible with special focus on reducing deaths, especially among the vulnerable.

  • OXYGEN therapy is needed for life threatening diseases and injuries, so hospital administrators have to prioritize it in their budgeting and policy making.

  • We all need to put hands on deck to scale up the availability, accessibility and affordability of OXYGEN in our health facilities across the country no matter the location.

  • Health facilities that has Oxygen plants, should as a matter of priority take seriously to the maintenance of their plants considering the importance of Oxygen, its high cost and uncertainty of purchasing same from outside. For health facilities that don’t have plants, should as a matter of urgency as well, make provision of acquiring one as soon as they can.

  • Why buy oxygen when you can produce yours?

    This is a call to action!!!


    Our vision is to bring our clients into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology in rendering our service of oxygen plant solutions to see that oxygen gas is available, accessible and affordable in all health facilities no matter the location through our advocacy.


    Our mission is to provide the best and accurate solutions to our clients’ oxygen plant so as to make oxygen available at all times to patients in their health facilities. We also render our solutions to privately owned plants for industrial concern. ….Our race for excellence has no finish line.

    With customer’s satisfaction being our primary goal, there is no greater advertisement for any company than a completely satisfied client. When our clients are satisfied, we are satisfied.

    Let us provide the support you deserve. Contact us now!

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